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Height: 5'4"

How did he 'pop' the question?: I proposed to him! I wanted badly to own a house by the age of 21. I started planning and searching for our love nest. One evening, while shopping in town with my girlfriends, I pop into the jewelry shop and came out with a pair of rings! Shoved it (on) him and said, "LET'S GET A HOUSE TOGETHER!"

How did you meet?: I met him in an online chat room on 12/27/00.
He shamelessly used the nick(name), "Heart broken girl" so I chatted up with "her" to console her and later gave her my cellphone (number)!

Looking back - Wedding memory: That I kept taking my 11cm (4.3") heels off because it was such a pain in the ass to be running in heels... I did hope I could have bear(ed) with it and gone through with my wedding in HEELS! I look so short beside my hubby who is 1.8M (5'10").

Size: 1x

Tell us about your Kiyonna dresses.: All 4 of them fit me like GLOVES! Seriously!

Wedding Date: 9/24/11

Wedding Location: Aranda Country Club, Singapore

What is an un-traditional thing you did?: I didn't want to wear the traditional Chinese Red Kwa for the tea ceremony and so I bought the Red Betsey dress for the tea ceremony instead. I'm super random and untraditional person.

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