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A New Year’s Resolution For You

Style Resolutions for you

Happy New Year

As we part ways with 2018, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of making New Year’s Resolutions. We quickly start jotting down all the things we want to change about ourselves and vow to make the upcoming year the best one yet, even when the one that’s just ended was pretty good, too. So I thought I’d mix things up and give you some easy style resolutions that are easy to do!

5 Style Resolutions for 2019

It’s one of those traditions that can be hard to fulfill with life’s everyday responsibilities like work, school, family, etc. Although sometimes, it’s just the sheer lack of motivation (if we’re keeping it real). This year, we invite you to make a simple resolution you can keep. In other words, get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your personal style. Just making a small adjustment to your wardrobe can make a big difference. And, you’ll probably realize getting out of your comfort zone isn’t so difficult. Here are five little changes you can start making today.

Play with Color!
Play with Color!

1. Play with a pop of color

Ladies, if your closet is filled with black everything, it’s time to let a little color into your life. Your closet should not look like it’s ready for a funeral. You’d be surprised how different your outfit can look with a pop of color. The next time you’re shopping, pick up that red cocktail dress and leave the black styles behind. Our pick…The Lori Printed Bellini

Dress up your wardrobe!
Dress up your wardrobe!

2. Dare to wear a different silhouette

Do you find yourself reaching for wrap dresses for every occasion? If so, this year we want you to try a new silhouette. Maybe you’re afraid it’s not YOU. The great thing about fashion is you can experiment with different cuts, fabrics and styles. If you’re always living in an A-line dress, try a bodycon style. If you’re always sporting maxi dresses, show off a little skin with a knee-length skirt. Therefore, remember it’s your confidence that really shines when you’re out on the town. Our pick…The Bianca

Don't be afraid to get into Prints!!!
Don’t be afraid to get into Prints!!!

3. Get into print

Next, let’s talk about prints. Shopping for solid colors always seems like a sensible idea when you’re looking for styles for work. However, if the thought of wearing prints puts you off, then we want you to reconsider. Prints not only add color to your wardrobe, but also add a nice detail to your outfit that will make you stand out among your colleagues. Style resolutions should be fun, so invite playful stripes into your closet and don’t forget to pick up some lovely florals, too.

Style Resolutions for 2019 - Be Closet Ready for Casual to Dressed Up
Be Closet Ready for Casual to Dressed Up

4. Keep it casual

Wearing a dress can make you look picture-perfect for any occasion. However, sometimes a casual outfit can also make a strong fashion statement. We tend to associate casual with frumpy, but plenty of plus size tops and cardigans can make you look polished. Look for separates with special details like flounces, ruching or ties. Enjoy the comfort of keeping it a little more casual when you go out.

5. And last but not least of our 5 Style Resolutions…..Dress up your closet

Lastly, if your wardrobe consists of mainly tops and leggings, then dress it up a little for 2019! Try different dress styles to find the dresses that make you look and feel your best. If you’re unsure where to start, you can never go wrong with a flattering A-line dress with pockets.

In conclusion, whatever your style resolution for 2019, we wish you much success and fun while achieving your goals! Happy New Year, Everyone!

5 Style Resolutions You'll Love
A New Year’s Resolution for You!

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