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Self-Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day

Self-Love is always worth celebrating

Self-Love is sometimes hard to come by. Even in the era of body-positive celebrities like Lizzo and Ashley Graham, a lot of us still struggle with self-love and body image on a daily basis. A lot of that can be attributed to the comparison culture that’s stemmed from social media. How can we not struggle with self-love with the array of selfie apps and filters out there? On top of that, we’ve become accustomed to seeing the highlight reels of each other’s lives. It’s natural to be our toughest critic, even when others may think otherwise. (And trust me, others DO think otherwise.) Self-love doesn’t always come easy, but when it happens, it’s worth celebrating.  

Posing for the camera after sharing my confessional.

Complimenting and caring for others is easy

I don’t know about you, but I constantly find myself complimenting others with ease. If I like someone’s eyes, I’ll tell them. If I think someone has great style, I’ll let them know. Finding the good qualities in other people can come as second nature to a lot of us. However, how often are we really doing that for ourselves? How many of us spend time looking inward and appreciating our own good qualities? More importantly, how often do we just do nice things for ourselves? These are all important aspects of self-love, yet I know it’s something I struggle with, and the women I know struggle with, as well.

Self-love affirmation shared by Production Manager Melissa
Melissa shares her self-love affirmation.

A challenge we never saw coming

Rather than a Valentine’s Day shoot, a few of us were challenged to take part in a self-love confessional series. Part of the challenge was to share the things that make us feel good and confident about ourselves every day. Not only were we invited to write them down, but we also shared them in front of the camera. It wasn’t the easiest task, and I know I was personally a little nervous. However, I was up for the challenge, along with my brilliant and wonderful co-workers. Once it was all said and done, it turned out to be one of the most fulfilling tasks we had been given in a while. It made us reflect on the things we love and appreciate about ourselves, both inside and out. More importantly, it encouraged us to make self-love a daily practice, and not just a once in a blue moon event.

Self-love affirmation shared by Alexa
Alexa shares what makes her feel positive and confident.

Find your own journey to self-love

This Valentine’s Day, we’re inviting you to take a moment to have your own self-love confessional. Put on your favorite Kiyonna dress and share how it makes you feel when you wear it. Maybe invite a group of friends over for coffee or wine, and challenge each other. It might come easier than you think, or it might be hard at first. I will say this—once you do it, it will be worth it. After all, isn’t self-love the greatest love of all?

Natalie shares her self-love affirmation.

Watch our video and join us with your own self-love confessional!

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