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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes with Kiyonna

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes with Kiyonna

Need inspirations for you plus size Halloween costumes? Kiyonna Clothing showcases six easy do it yourself costume ideas for 2018.

Mummy: Creating a mummy has never been so easy. Create sunken eyes with red, grey, brown and black eyeshadows. Give your face and body pale skin with a lighter foundation or body paint. Strapped on time and money? Simply create gauze by drawing it on your arms and legs. Shop the Melissa Midi Dress

Witch: Your witch will come together in no time. All you need is a witch’s hat (broom optional), makeup and body paint. Don’t have time to go green? Create a smoky eye with purple, black and silver eyeshadow shades. Shop the Mon Cherie Lace Dress

Angel: Putting a costume together has never been so heavenly. Simple pull a wedding dress out of your closet and add a halo (wings optional). Add a little sparkle with some glue on jewels for your face. Shop the Pretty in Lace Wedding Dress

Zombie Bride: You’ll be an eerie bride by simply playing with some makeup. Create sunken eyes with black eyeliner and use white and grey body paint for a ghoulishly pale appearance. Shop the Wedding Belle Dress

Flapper: Grab some pearls, red lipstick, a fabulous headpiece, and a fake cigarette holder! Give your hair some short curls and you’ll be all set for your party! Shop the Livi Lace Dress

Vampire: Wondering what to do with a gown in your closet? Turn it into an easy vampire costume with fake fangs and a little red paint. Shop the Romanced by Moonlight Gown.

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