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Real Curves

Meet Eileen – Size 2x

Eileen is playful in the Leona lace gown 2x

Size: 2x

Height: 5’4

Here at Kiyonna thrive to create sophisticated clothing for curvy women of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to special occasion clothing, we want our ladies to feel elegant, comfortable and confident. Eileen shares with us how she felt in the Leona Lace Gown in size 2x and her fun experience with this special feature. Get to know a bit about Eileen and the Leona Lace Gown.

How would you describe your own personal style?

My style is very much inspired by Jennifer Lopez. I like to keep my style a little sporty, classy, bold and chic. Although it really all depends on my mood that day. Depending on where I’m going, I’ll decide to change up my style. I love to mix things up.

Why the Leona Lace Gown?

When shopping at Kiyonna, I look for statement pieces that are comfortable and elegant. Whenever I’m attending a special or formal event, Kiyonna is my go-to. I want to stand out but feel comfortable and Kiyonna checks both of those boxes for me.

I bought the Leona lace gown in a size 2x to wear for multiple occasions. One event I recently wore the gown to was for my 1920’s Casino Night Fundraiser that I was hosting and I was able to enjoy my entire night and not feel uncomfortable.

Eileen shows off the Leona lace gown 2x in action at her 1920s fundraiser event
Eileen attends her 1920s fundraiser in the
Leona Lace Gown.

Why do you love your curves?

I love my curves because it’s part of who I am. For so long, I was embarrassed or felt like I had to look different. I learned to accept myself and love my body. I’m unique and perfectly made.

Eileen shows off the full length of the Leona lace gown 2x and how the pockets look on the gown.
Eileen shows off how great pockets can be on the Leona.

Be sure to watch the rest of Eileen’s in-person interview on the Leona Lace Gown.

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