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Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 have arrived

It feels like October just started, but Halloween is already creeping up on us. While we may not be celebrating Halloween the traditional way we do, that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit of things!  If you’re looking for last minute Halloween costume ideas 2020, then you’ve come to the right place. We love a good DIY costume, as seen in our previous blog post from last Halloween. Instead of buying a costume for one night, wear a style you can keep wearing year-round. We picked some of our favorite styles to create some effortless costumes and seamlessly fit into your wardrobe after the holiday.

Calling all party girls    

This Halloween, put a retro spin on one of our favorite faux wrap dresses. Our Aria Tie Dress is the perfect style to create a retro party girl costume. With an eye-catching green chain link print, you can play up the retro vibes with white boots, 60’s inspired white framed glasses, and statement earrings. Style your hair with extra volume (hello, hairspray!) and have fun creating a retro makeup look. We suggest a look with white eye-shadow and black liner with exaggerated lashes. Complete your look with a nude lip and you’re ready to go. A timeless print, you’ll be wearing this dress way past Halloween.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 can be retro-inspired.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 can look expensive

If you’ve been shopping with us for a while, then there’s a possibility you have our Screen Siren Lace Evening Gown sitting in your closet, waiting for another special occasion to be worn. This Halloween, take it for a spin and be the Hallow-queen you’ve always wanted to be! This costume idea lends itself to a lot of creativity, but if you want to keep it simple, we suggest hitting your local dollar store for a crown you can spray paint black at home. You’ll also need a queen’s wand, of course. If you really want to add some drama, you can also add a cape to this costume idea. Wear your hair as desired, and really have fun with your makeup. Complete your look with a combination of a smokey eye and dark lip for this costume idea. People will ask where you bought your amazing costume on social media.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 can look expensive, like our Hallow-queen look.

A classic spin on a classic dress

Take the classic route this Halloween and recreate a vintage socialite costume with our Lacey Cocktail Dress. All you’ll need for this costume is a set of pearls, white gloves, and small tiara (another accessory you can find at your dollar store), black heels, and a black clutch. Style your hair up in a loose, but polished bun (bangs optional) and add your tiara. For your makeup, go for a classic cat eye. Finish your look with soft pink blush and lips. This costume can also work with our Luna Lace Dress.

Friendly skies await

Another great costume idea that you can put together in a pinch is a flight attendant. All you’ll need for this costume is our Priscilla Knit Pencil Skirt, a classic white button-down blouse, a neck scarf, and a wings pin. Style your hair as desired (we always like a polished ponytail for this idea) and wear your makeup on the natural side with a berry lip. Complete your flight attendant costume with a small piece of luggage and a passport holder. You’ll look ready to fly those friendly skies.

A whimsical Halloween costume

This year, we debuted our Athena Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress. If you own this dress, you’ve got the perfect launching point for a forest fairy costume. With a timeless watercolor leaf print, you’ll just need a few accessories to complete your look. Simply add a pair of fairy wings, a wand, and a flower crown. For your makeup, go for a whimsical look with green shadow with jewels and shimmer. Add a soft pink blush and finish your look with a pink lip. Style your hair in soft waves for a truly magical look that’s dreamy.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 can be whimsical like a Forest Fairy

Halloween costume ideas in 2020 need masks…

Halloween costume ideas 2020 are all about having fun and being creative. Before you go out and spend money on a costume, take a look inside your closet first and see if anything inspires you. With a little imagination and some accessories, you can really create some great costumes that are eco-friendly and will save you a little cash. Most importantly, have fun! Lastly, if you’re looking for a protective face mask for Halloween 2020, we have some spooktacular, limited-edition masks that will keep you and your loved ones safe this holiday. Check them out here.

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